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Bidwell Oak Design Studio

Ethereal Contrast - Impasto 5

Ethereal Contrast - Impasto 5

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"Ethereal Contrast - A Statement of Impasto."

"This high-end abstract artwork showcases the raw power of broad brush strokes and delicate knife work, creating a mesmerizing texture with intense black and pure white paint. Immerse yourself in a tactile experience as shadows dance across the canvas, evoking emotions beyond words. Own a captivating conversation starter and focal point that captures the transformative power of art in every gaze."

*Each Impasto will be printed on a 1.25-inch thick canvas wrap using poly-cotton artist-grade canvas and a hardwood fiberboard frame, featuring a scratch-resistant UV coating for durability. The finished backing, along with sawtooth hangers and fold-out sawtooth tabs, ensures easy hanging, making each piece ready to adorn your space effortlessly*
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